2 Tree Films is a production company and a Film Sales Firm. The owner, Jessica Roszko, is also the Director of the Southeast Regional Film Festival located in Jacksonville, Florida. Jessica started out in the industry casting and making short films. With her passion for networking also travels, she discovered "Hollywood" secrets while creating long-lasting connections. 


Jessica is looking for fresh and creative content to further produce and sell year round.

The Southeast Regional Film Festival is just one of those great ways to submit projects for high exposure, potential contracts, and the chance to win other prizes being promoted with built in partners that can get your project to the next level.


Outside of The Southeast Regional Festival, we are always reviewing submissions and content, therefore, do not hesitate to send over your project. Although we would love to accept every submission, we will only take those we can dedicate the time to helping or providing constructive feedback and guidance with your project for your success, regardless if we are the best fit for your our advice is always free.


At the end of the day, our goal at 2 Tree Films and Film Sales Firm is to help upcoming industry professionals grow and take the next leap in their career. For more information on The Southeast Regional Festival, please click here. If you have questions regarding 2 Tree Films or Film Sales Firm, please fill out our contact form below. 

A Brilliant Monster - Complete
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Treasure - Sold
Film Sales Firm
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Postal - Post Production
Executive Producer
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Feature Film Trailer for Postal
Attorney Spot - Commercial

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