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The Strings - In Development

Directors:  Jessica Roszko & Taylor Tampa

Producer/Editor: Jessica Roszko

Cinematographer:  Nicholas Graves

Writers:  Taylor Tampa

Casting:  Jacquelynne Faith

Genre:  Psychological Thriller

Starring: Sarah Alexandria and TBD

The Leveler - In Development

Director:  Jessica Roszko

Producers:  Jessica Roszko, Dean Roberts

Writers:  Jessica Roszko, Sarah Alexandria & Wade Cox (Associate Writer)

Casting:  Jacquelynne Faith

Genre:  Drama / Fantasy / Action / Family

Starring: Sarah Alexandria, Evan Huit,  Jimmy Dempster, Corey Weber, Tea' Adamson, Mel Burch, Sierra Wade, Samantha Ulrich, Jonah Dujanovic, Nancy Causey &  Kayden Dujanovic 

Tagline: Young Isabelle is left to die with her mother when she gets a gift that changes the course of her life and all of those around her.

Lady Luck - Pre Production

Director, Writer, &  DP:  Fred Rabbath

Producer:  Jessica Roszko & Ramsey White

Starring: Holly Westwood as, Alex, Sarah Alexandria as Rachel, Kasandra Bandfield as Lisa, Julie Moss as Susan, Bryan Perritt as Kevin and Susan Morgan as Ms. Detter

Tagline: A young hacker finds more than she bargained for in the film "Lady Luck"

Dead Meat: Completed - Group C

Director, Writer, Shot, Cast, & Edited: Fred Rabbath

Producer & Associate Casting:  Jessica Roszko

Associate Producers:  Luke Chrusciel, Karen & Sierra Wade

Genre:  Short-Action / Suspense / Crime

Starring: Dennis Friebe, Rita Manyetta, Sarah Alexandria, Leslie Danielsen, Stephen McQuaig, and Janice Fisher

Tagline: Chef Mitch Stockridge is faced with a dilemma, his food stinks and the local critic is coming to write a review for his restaurant



Entered 1 contest, won 8 awards including Best Film in Jacksonville

Short was featured in March in Atlanta at the 2016 Filmapalooza

PK's JAX Finest Part 1- Complete

Director, Exec. Producer-Writer:  Dean Roberts

Producer & Editor:  Jessica Roszko

Cinematographer: William Bishop

Assistant Producer: Brianna Millana & Luke Chrusciel


A Brilliant Monster -Complete

Director, Writer, &  DP:  Fred Rabbath

Producer:  Jessica Roszko & Ramsey White

Starring: Dennis Friebe as Mitch, Joy Kigin as Abby, Nick Leali as Nick, Alea Figueroa as Sophie, Bill Kelly as John Logan

Filming - Ongoing

Exec. Producer & Director:  Jessica Roszko

Producer, AD:   Sarah Alexandria

Genre:  Feature Documentary

Starring: Grace Roszko ,  Sarah Alexandria, & Samantha Allison

Tagline: TBD

Director & Writer: Fred Rabbath

Producer, Locations, & Casting:  Jessica Roszko

Genre:  Short- Action / Suspense / Crime

Starring: Kasandra Bandfield, Dennis Friebe, Jacob Hester, Denise Lambert, and Grace Roszko

Tagline: Desperate single mother without enough money, and her mother breathing down her back, she tries to pull off the crime of a lifetime. 


Entered 1 contest,  made top 10 in the Louisana  Film Prize contest


Director, Writer, Shot, CGI & Edited: Fred Rabbath

Producer, Locations, & Casting:  Jessica Roszko

Genre:  Fantasy / Comedy / Drama

Starring: Nick Leali, Jacquelynne Faith, Bryan Perritt, Sierra Wade, Marina Burke, Jude Lane, Irelynn Daupert, Deklan Kole, Elia Nassif, Chief Charles Pilkinton, Gary Roberts, Donnie McCaa, Patty Ryan, Madyson Erwin, Jason Adams, and Deborah Erwin.

Tagline: It's Complicated

One More Time - Complete
Dreams - Complete

Director, Writer, &  DP:  Sarah Alexandria

Sound & Editor:  Bethany Dewey

Producer:  Jessica Roszko

Genre:  Short-Family

Starring: Jonah Dujanovic, Adreanna Pulliam, Evan Huit, Bethany Dewey, Sarah Alexandria, Samantha Allison, & Grace Roszko

Tagline: Jasmine has a magical encounter when her world collides with Jasen's. 

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